"Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and lean NOT on your own understanding"
(Prov 3:5)

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1951   The Lord’s Church had its beginning in Bermuda (on the American Naval Base).  Bro. Vincent Murihead organized worship services with other members at his home. After Bro. Murihead’s departure, Bro. Harry Reynolds, a Chief in the Navy, took over responsibility for the church which later began to meet in the City of Hamilton.
1956    There were about 33 members of the church when Bro. L.G. Keele and Bro. Archie Jarrett transferred to Bermuda and joined Bro. Scotti Glasgow in the teaching and preaching. The church rapidly outgrew the meeting space.
 During this time the first Bermudian, Sis. Alice Robinson, was baptized at Devonshire Dock… during a hurricane She remained faithful until her death at the age of 103.
1957   When the small rented room became inadequate because of lack of space, a hall was renovated by the brothers and rented above a furniture store on Court Street.  The men also contacted Bro. Asa Keele to hold a 10-day gospel meeting from August 15 through 25. Bro. Asa Keele began full-time work on January 1, 1958.
1961    A church building, on Brighton Hill Road in Devonshire, was completed on property that was purchased. Between 1961 and 1966, the number of members in the congregation fluctuated from 40 to 100, due to the arrival and departure of many of the US military members. There were about 20 Bermudian members.  
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1966     For the first time, the number of Bermudian members exceed the number of Americans. There were more than 65 Bermudians and 61 Americans. This was mainly due to successful gospel campaigns, evangelistic radio and television programs, and reduction of US military presence in Bermuda. Bro. Keele leaves Bermuda to work in Australia. Bro. Maynard continued preaching at Brighton Hill.
1971   Bro. Philip Woodbridge, and his wife, Muriel, arrive in Bermuda. Bro. Woodbridge worked 14 years as the minister of the congregation until 1985.  During his tenure, the church held annual gospel campaigns and Vacation Bible School became an annual summer event. During the campaigns, many workers, from the U.S., came into assist with the door-knocking and bible study effort.
1985     After Bro. Woodbridge left, Bro.Turner Paseur and wife Geraldine arrived in Bermuda to work at Brighton Hill. They served until 1991 (6 years). He introduced a Leadership Training program for the men.
1987     There is steady growth as annual gospel campaigns continue to be held. The Brighton Hill congregation sponsors the Amazing Grace Bible Class each Sunday morning on a local television station. Bro. Paseur also had a radio programme Monday through Friday night of each week.
1992     Bro. Paseur was succeeded by Bro. Derek Hamlin, the American husband of Bermudian, Sis. Cindy (Outerbridge) Hamlin. Bro. Hamlin served from February 1992 until December 1995 (4 years). Under his leadership the church building was renovated, during which time the congregation worshipped at Elliott School. On May 1, 1994 a service was held to dedicate the newly renovated building.
1998     Bro. Dave Blakney, the first Bermudian, serves as Minister-in-Training.
1999     February 1999-present - Bro. Paul Richards  (Evangelist) and Bro. Floyd Rawlins (Assistant Minister) have been serving the congregation (15+ years). Bro Richards implemented a Men In Leadership Training program which led to the following:
  • In 2003  the congregation’s first deacons were appointed (Edward Durham, Anthony Foster, Daniel Hayward, O’Neal Hollis, Floyd Rawlins, Kenneth Simmons and Fred York).
  • In 2005  the congregation’s first Elders were appointed (Anthony Foster, Floyd Rawlins and Paul Richards).
  • In 2006 the church changed the mid-week bible class format. Rather than everyone continuing to meet at the church building, small groups were setup in members’ homes throughout the island with men who were trained to lead.
  • In 2008 the church has 21 ministries established – almost all members participate in at least one ministry.
  • In 2009 three more deacons were appointed (Oliver Furbert, Gregory Outerbridge and Kovan Smith).
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